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The emotional satisfaction that comes from creativity: Music, fine arts, dance, drama, writing and more all involve creation of something tangible or intangible (i.e. knowledge work). From young age to old age, we find deep satisfaction in creation. Why do we like to color, to draw, to play legos when young and later on to create new products, new companies, and new music? We are a highly intelligent species and our our highest form of expression brings satisfaction to the soul! Some would call this emotional, some would call it intuition, and some would call it spiritual. ~ Jeff Dance

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Our Team

M. H. Moore


Mercedes Moore


Donielle Moore-Hayes


Heart Moore

Licensed Esthetician / MUA

Kelvin Taylor

Film/Television Production | Sports | Entertainment Management 

Ansar El'Asar

Sports | Entertainment Management

Elton Garner

Politics | Entertainment | Sports Management 

David Evans

Media Relations

Bobby "IAmGift3D" Johnson

Artist Relations

Richard Swoop Whitebear

Creative Director / Artist Development

Michael Stallworth

Publicist / Event Coordinator

Pamela Wall

Human Resources Director


Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire, empower, and connect people to change their world.


Our Vision

Fueled by optimism, ingenuity and a sense of responsibility, we seek to accelerate our purposeful impact in the world. 


Our Approach

We consider our customers family, its just that simple. We approach all business ventures as if it was our own, we care, we produce and we stay on track.

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